About Adzept Creatives

We're a passionate online graphic design company entirely made of friendly and honest people. We operate online and globally with clients and employees from around the world. Our company offers real design thinking without automated bots calculating what's nice to look at. Adzept Creatives deliver design help at affordable flat-rate pricing to all business types including startups, entrepreneurs, agencies and individuals.

Our Mission

To provide a 100% Risk Free and effective integrated graphic design solution that helps our clients grow their businesses. Our aim is for our clients to realise their marketing goals without the intimidation or expense of large design houses and advertising agencies. Adzept Creative Agency will be at your side every step of the way to make your design and branding efforts fast, easy, affordable & profitable!

What Makes Us Different

Our small structure allows us to develop a simpler and more personal way of connecting with the client. Through our passion for design we craft a simple yet creative solution for your company. Each subscription plan gives you an assigned experienced, dedicated design team with a project manager and graphic designers. Your assigned design team will match your brand and business style and deliver consistency across your entire company.

Our Beliefs

As creative designers we create symbols and graphics that allow our clients to express who they are. Our job is to creatively put what our clients believe into pictures, symbols and graphics so that they can use these things to say something about who they are.

We believe in challenging the standards and thinking differently. The way we challenge standards is by making our products beautifully designed, simple to convey and purposeful. And we just happen to have an awesome team to make things happen.

About the Founder

Freelancer turned business owner, Gary started off in the design industry over 12 years ago. Over this period he has done work for many companies and enterprises. Using he's experience in the design, branding, advertising, print, web and digital industry he successfully helps businesses reach their goals through visual communication.

Turning business owner, Gary decided to bring together the best like-minded creatives that have one goal in mind, that's to create awesome graphic design. He is passionate about helping businesses around the globe express who they are in a meaningful way and never leaving them with the bare minimum.

He believes by offering a well rounded solution with unlimited graphic design at a price that not only saves businesses money but never reduces quality graphic design and output will help many businesses achieve their goals effortlessly.

Meet The Team


David Vermaak

Global Operations Lead


Lead Project Manager

Nicky. V

Project Manager

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