How It Works



Request A Design

Start by requesting a design using our design assistant, selecting your type of project and add your instructions to help your design team understand what you’re looking for.

What is the turnaround time?

On average, Classic account users receive the first concept or next revision in 1-2 business days. Premium users benefit from real-time communication and faster turnaround times, including same-day concept delivery when possible. The complexity of your request and/or the number of active requests currently in your queue may affect delivery times.

How do I contact my project manager?

Communication with our clients is done via our most common project management systems which are Trello, Slack or Skype which integrates with email too. If you’re using our Premium plan, you will be invited to Slack to be able to communicate in real-time with your project manager.



Paired with the best team

Adzept pairs your business to the best team. Your designer works on your requests everyday and delivers within 1-2 business days depending on your subscription.

Is there a limit to what I can have designed?

We’re a online creative design agency working on a foundation of graphic design. If you’re looking for motion graphics, web development, copywriting unfortunately you’re in the wrong place. See our full scope of service here.

What do you mean 100% satisfaction guaranteed?

All Classic subscriptions come with a 14-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee, and all Premium subscriptions come with a 21-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. Love the service, find it a huge value for you and your business or you can get a 100% full refund for your initial membership fee within the respective time frames. This does not apply for single design requests (without a monthly subscription).



Reviews & feedback

Your designer does as many revisions as necessary, presents concepts & awaits your feedback.

How long will revisions take?

You can expect to receive revised concepts overnight.

When we say "Unlimited" we mean,

There are no limits to your requests and revisions. Each revision will be treated as a new creative request and may affect the delivery timelines of other pending/active requests. Bare in mind that our designers are only human, and there are only so many hours in the day. As long as you are a subscriber, work continues. The Classic subscription gives you the dedicated care and attention of your project manager and one designer, though if you need more work done in a shorter time-frame or need it done faster, you can upgrade to the Premium subscription.


Final Design Approval

Your final design is approved and source files are prepared and delivered to you.

Who will the designs belong to?

You get 100% ownership of the designs the moment we deliver them to you. You can use these designs as you please.

How can I download my files?

You can download your design files directly from the project management system you’ve been added to. Simply open the attachments and download the files.


Get paired with your design team today!

A skilled design team will support your business with professional and customised graphic design.